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What makes a good Storage Rack?


1. "Boltless"
The old school type of racking, slotted angle rack are used during the old times as storage rack and eventually causing a lot of storage issues such as doubled time-taken to install the rack, adjustment of levels takes longer time due to bolt&nut locked each shelve, bolt&nut will be loosen as time goes by.

At TTF, we advocates time-savings, increase convenience, so we manufacture our storage racks with BOLTLESS design.
Hassle-free installation, less time-taken for level adjustment, and doesn't need to worry about "loosen bolt&nut".

2. "Eagle Hook Beam"
In addition to "boltless" design, eagle hook replaced the need of Bolt&Nut to gives the strength of the shelve to withhold loads as a shelve.
Even more stable, strong & easier installation creates convenience and saving times for more important matters.

3. Center Support System
Another killing reason why the old school slotted angle racks are being eliminated is without center support.
At TTF, our Boltless Rack are designed with well-manufactured center support gives strength to the shelves to withhold necessary loading.

4. Loading capacity per level
At TTF, each level of our Boltless Rack are able to withstand 100 to 400kgs / Uniformly Distributed Loads (depending on the dimensions), and we mean it.
With the certified compression tested by SIRIM QAS, we are able to assure the loading capacity whilst the old school slotted angle rack can't.

Quality: ★★★★★

Strength: ★★★★★

Safety: ★★★★★


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