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Warehouse Storage Racking System

Besides Light Duty Racking System, we also specialised in Warehouse Storage Racking System which helps business owner in catering their insufficient storages, missing products, broken products and etc storage related problems.


For instances, one of our clients who selling pet, specialising in fish, fish food & supplements, fish tanks & accessories and other related supplies, was having storage issues such as stocks missing due to unorganized warehouse, broken fish tanks due to stock stacking up, high time-consuming in stock picking lower down their productivity and etc.


Picture above was taken after our Heavy Duty Shelving Rack installation done and it clearly shows that their stocks keeping style was improved, warehouse seems more organized.


From his feedback, we've understand that TTF Heavy Duty Racking System helps them in well-organizing warehouse, reducing missing stocks, wastage in broken stocks, less time-taken for stock picking and eventually improved overall productivity.


"Picture says it all"


If your premises is having high vertical space, building a Mezzanine Floor on our Heavy Duty Racking System would be another great choice in optimizing warehouse storage.


One of the great advantages of this system is it actually "doubled-up" the available storage space.


In other words, you are just paying the SAME RENTAL COST, but having DOUBLED-UP STORAGE SPACE!


Alternatively, if your business nature is distributors, TTF Heavy Duty Pallet Rack is another great choice for "Palletized" product storage with the usage of forklift/reachtruck.


To cater wider range usage, our racking system per level are able to withstand 1.0 Tons/2.0 Tons/3.0 Tons max. loading capacity (whereby each pallet allowable weight are 500kgs/1,000kgs/1,500kgs).


Picture above shows how well can it be organized if your product is packed in such a way.




"Action speaks more than words", journey to a well-organized, cost-effective, high productivity warehousing won't happens if you didn't take any action. 
Kindly contact us, let us know what storage problem you facing and our sales advisor will provide professional advises and solutions.

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